Associazione di Promozione Sociale Ludicomix (ETS inscritto al RUNTS)


For its XVIII edition, Ludicomix, an historic comic convention in Empoli (near Florence), will host a photographic exhibition entirely dedicated to the wonderful art of cosplay!

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If you want to join us and be part of this exhibition be sure to enter the following contest. The best 20 photos will be selected to be exposed at the event and, among them, two shots will be awarded as:

➢BEST CLICK: the best photo, chosen by a jury of experts.
➢PEOPLE CLICK: the exhibited photo that receives more votes during the event days (visitors can vote for their favourite shot at the Con using a QR code – the voting methods will be explained in detail through a specific post before the beginning of the event).

The winners of these two categories (both photographers and cosplayers) will receive a full ticket valid for all days at “Lucca Comics&Games 2023”, the most important exhibition-fair in Italy and Europe dedicated to comics, animation, board and role-playing games, as well as fantasy.

Please submit your applications according to the regulations to within May 1st, 2023!


1) Application: by email to writing “Ludiclick application” as the subject, along with all the data shown in the form below (to be copy-pasted into the content of the email):

PHOTOGRAPHER (Nickname) + Name/Surname/Date of birth/Country:
COSPLAYER (Nickname) +Name/Surname/Date of birth/Country:
CHARACTER + data/info of the chosen character (name/series):
PHOTOS (upload to generate download link and paste here)

2) Participants: the contest is open to photographers and cosplayers from all over the world (not just Italians!). It’s possible to send only one application (1 for photographer and 1 for cosplayer).

Example: I am a cosplayer; can I submit my application even if one or more photographers have already applied with photos of me? Yes, it is possible; even better if the cosplayer is portrayed in different cosplays.

3) Theme: the theme of the contest is cosplay. The photos must represent characters from anime, manga, videogames, comics or films, imaginary or real characters represented in a creative and original way.

4) Subject/photographer: the subject must necessarily be single, max 1 person in the submitted photo. At the awards ceremony, the winning photographer will be counted as an individual (max 1 prize, even in the case of a team of photographers). Subjects must be 18 years old or older.

5) Number of photos: each participant, both cosplayers and photographers, can send up to 2 different photos for selection. Only one will be chosen.

6) Format/Quality: photos must be sent in digital format by mail. To upload large photos, we recommend using the free site and send the generated link in the email. Photos must be submitted in a specific format, JPEG or PNG, and with a minimum resolution of 3680 (long side)/approximately 9mpx and 300 dpi (dots per inch) for a quality printing.

7) Photo requirements: photos containing nude, lewd, offensive or inappropriate material are not allowed.

8) Time: photos must be sent to the email address dedicated to the contest ( within May 1st 2023.

9) Selections: the 20 selected photos will be announced on May 4th 2023 (May the 4th be with you!)

10) Awards:

➢ BEST CLICK (full ticket valid for all days at “Lucca Comics&Games 2023”: 1 for the photographer and 1 for the cosplayer)
➢ PEOPLE CLICK (full ticket valid for all days at “Lucca Comics&Games 2023”: 1 for the photographer and 1 for the cosplayer)

The 20 photos shown and exhibited will be given as a gift to the participants (ask the staff for your shot at the end of the awards ceremony/event).

The winning shots will be announced in conjunction with the cosplay contest awards (Sunday 28 May, in the late afternoon).

If the winning photo of the PEOPLE CLICK category coincides with the one chosen by the jury (BEST CLICK category), the second most voted photo will be selected instead.

11) Jury: the photos will be evaluated by a jury of cosplay and photography experts, who will select the 20 best photos for the exhibition and the contest, excluding the audience prize (PEOPLE CLICK).

12) Acceptance: your participation in this contest implies your acceptance of all the rules and conditions of the competition.


We are looking forward to your participation in our project!

Ludiclick & Ludicomix Staff



Festival dell'Illustrazione


Vuoi essere il primo ad entrare a LUDICOMIX 2023? Col servizio di prevendita puoi acquistare il tuo biglietto comodamente da casa evitando le file!

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